We have the English program that

best suits your needs.



We have the English program that

best suits your needs.



One thousand million people in the world speak English. This means one out of every seven people on the planet. During the twentieth century, English consolidated as the language for universal communication. Nowadays, it’s no longer a privilege of some; it has become a basic need for anyone seeking professional, cultural and personal development.

APP Accelerated Professional Program – Business English

Business English breaks the communication barriers in the world of business. With our APP – Business English program, our students start speaking the language with a business focus from day one, even if they are absolute beginners. Throughout short units, they develop vocabulary and specific skills that are vital for their successful performance in the professional world, while acquiring a correct and functional grammar structure.

inlingua Business Modules – Specialization in Business English

Together with consultants from the Fortune 500 companies, inlingua International has developed the broadest range of materials, updated and effective, focused on developing the skills needed to master the business English in specialized areas.

  • Banking
  • Real Estate

  • Telephoning

  • Business Correspondence

  • Job Interviews
  • Finance
  • Managing Successful Meetings

  • Negotiations
  • Presentations
  • Human Resources
  • Business Writing
  • Tourism
  • Socializing
  • Meetings

GPP General Purpose Program – General English, Focused on Sociocultural Situations

The GPP program is aimed at adult students seeking to learn a new language that allows them to function in the sophisticated international environment of today with a sociocultural perspective. Through current topics and a hands-on approach, the student learns, develops and masters the four communication skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing – in a stimulating and challenging context that will lead them to reach their learning objective in an expedited manner.

Certification Exams Preparation

Optimizing your knowledge in preparation for a certification exam is also taken care of by inlingua. We offer specialized exam preparation courses for TOEFL and TOEIC, among others, that are required to study abroad or to assess the English capability and command of the employees of a multinational company.

inlingua Pre-Junior, Junior & Teen English – English for Kids and Teens

These programs are offered as an afterschool complement or an intensive summer course. Their main emphasis is on the development of the speaking and listening communication skills of kids and teens, achieving a correct pronunciation and use of the grammar structures in a natural way. Each program is structured according to the cognitive development of the corresponding age group.

Inlingua Materials

Attractive and adequate for the child’s age.

Our own methodology

Based on constructivist theories

Instructors with native command

of the language

Dynamic learning

through practice

Use of materials

multimedia integrated

inlingua programs for kids and teens
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